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Weekly I will be meeting with my mentor as we study the book of Jeremiah

Many people probably don’t know who Jeremiah was. Jeremiah was a prophet called by God to change the way the nations were ruling and how people were living. The people were worshipping false idols just as we do today. For example, the were worshiping Baal instead of the real God.

The thing that really stuck out to me was that God called Jeremiah at an early age and he was uncertain and pessimistic that he could lead the nation out of their bad habits and lifestyles. However, nothing is in impossible if you keep God in the picture.


Today I challenge you to spend sometime with God and ask that he will give you the strength to focus on Him this week.

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yes…Jesus died for our sins.

Some people say so whats the big deal.

The beag deal is that, without Him there would still be a seperation from God and us. Because of Jesus’ sacrifice, we are forever forgiven. God is Love remember that.

Thank you Jesus for your ultimate sacrifice…and remember He rose three days later, proving that he was  God in human form…

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My addiction

Since I became a teen I have had an ongoing  battle with my addiction. Throughout the 4 or 5 year time, I have had times of cleanliness and times of struggle. Furthermore, many others have given me great advice about how to conquer addiction and how to stay clean.

At this moment in time, I am two days clean striving for even more. I want to conquer this addiction, so God may use me in ways that I, as a human, can’t comprehend.

Throughout Biblical times, the different men of God where tempted. For example, Adam and Eve fell to the temptation of eating the apple off of the forbidden tree. God forgives and wants the best for us. Through God all is possible.

I pray that God will help you conquer your addictions in your life. What are the forbidden apples in your life, that you need to part ways with?

It says in Matthew 6:13, lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from the evil one. God is there waiting for you to ask for your help. May you be inspired to change your lifestyles, so that you don’t eat from the forbidden tree.


If you have an addiction and would like support feel free to contact me

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